Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Harry is my homeboy

The Wizarding world of Harry Potter Was SOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!! The first day we had to wait 6 hours in line just to get into that part of the park but it was totally worth it. Tho if I could do it again i wouldn't have taken the shuttle and I would have gotten a taxi at 4 am. ahh well nothing I can do about it now. It was amazing. Hogsmede was covered in snow, it felt like the real thing, (when it was cloudy, the angle next to jurrassic park when i t was sunny and there were palm trees at hogwarts looked really wierd lol) The main new ride was awesome. The line was even fun, it went through hogwarts and u got to see all kinds of stuff. The pictures talked, my favorite part was the 4 founders bickering about harry potter. Hologram Harry Ron Hermione, and Dumbledor in his office talk to u. It was awesome! The ride itself was really amazing, even BL liked it. it was a miz of virtual reality and real props, you actually move tho it wasn't one of those stationary one there is a good amount of flipping going on. You get sprayed by spiders the whomping willow (which is real not virtual) almost hit me in the face. I fought a dragon, played quittich and had my face sucked off by a dementor, but harry saved me! It was really cool!The other dragon coaster was cool, tho not new, it was new to me. We got really wet on the poeye ride and went on that coaster a few times to dry off. I liked the family coaster because i got to bow to buckbeak, but bl didn't because it was slow. We got to eat at the three broomsticks at another day. It was delicious and sooo neat inside, and a good helping of food, not as pricey as i expected. I got to have butterbeer, which was delicious, tho I had trouble getting to the foam. I got to see the hogwarts express, and all the workers were dressed in pointey hats. some of them were very into it, I would be too! We went on the other rides too, the rockit was a bit too scarey for me too much upside down. But the hulk and mummy were cool. Universal is really into fire lately, it seemed like every ride there was fire. It rained every day too, but not bad the first day, and it was sunny before and after. It was really great I'm so glad I got to go.