Saturday, May 29, 2010

bird love

check out these pidgins...or doves...birds on my back porch yesterday morning. I thought they were very cute, they were cleaning each other's feathers. ahhh bird love, the purest love there is

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dune adventure

We made it back home to Indiana safe and sound. After a few days of chilling out at home, Tim payed us a visit. I decided to show him the majestic beauty of Northweast Indiana. We went to the dunes and Deep River County park. Here are some pictures.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

hot springs arkansas

Mom and I decided in stead of traveling on my birthday we would spend the day in Hot springs arkansas. We had always driven by it on this trip and wanted to stop and we finally did. It was beautiful there. There are all these mountains with springs, where the water comes out at 140 degrees. It looks like a waterfall, but you can see the steam rising up. you can't even keep your hand in the water. there is this cute little touristy town around it with all kinds of little shops. They have these sink type things where you can fill up containers with the hot water. people come with milk jugs to take it home. The water is supposed to have healing powers. people like to bathe in it but since it comes out of the ground so hot you have to go to these bath house spa things where they cool the water down. lots of them happen to be closed on tuesdays, which seems like an odd day to be closed. We went to the one that was open and it was wonderful. It's a really great place to go if you get the chance.
arkansas welcome center
view from the top of the mountain
mom at the hot spring
kelln kanteen at the visitor's center/ bath house museum
me in the tub at the museum. they preserved the bath house to keep it how it was in the early 1900's. the one we went to was very similar to how it was back then. they put u in a (newer and cleaner) tub just like this but with a jet.
they have this too. the one on the left is a sits bath that u sit in. the other thing is a steamer where u stick your head out and they steam your body like in cartoons. it all sounds wierd but it was nice.
the spring, see the steam coming up

one of the hot fountains in the town

unfortunately i was captured by a gorilla

back to bay city

We survived the monsoon and came back to uncle joe and aunt nancy's house and all the cousins got together. It was great to see everyone. Mom and uncle joe took uela back to mexico in the pouring rain. It eventually cleared up Olivia came to hang out with me and aunt nancy. Isabel was having too much fun with her other cousins and came later. We watched Shriek 2 and played games.

me and olivia
jasmine the wild poodle
olivia and isabel
a lizard, i thought he was cool looking

visiting sarah jonas and tim

Went to visit my cousin sarah in houston for a couple days. I met the famous Jonas, we went out to dinner and ice cream. We stopped at a secondhand book store where sarah found some records she was excited about including a recording of whale songs. We went to the art museum one day. The next day i hung out with their dog ironically named Tim. We went to the the butterfly house at the houston museum.

this is a picture uncle joe painted of Paras that was at sarah's apartment

houston here we come

Went to visit aunt edie and uncle steve in Houston. had a good time ate gringos and laughed lots. it was great to get together.

aunt edie uela and mom
aunt edie and uncle steve
me mom and aunt edie
me and uela

Went to visit my aunt Edie in Houston. Our cousin Marichu stopped in for a visit.she brought a cake

Sunday, May 9, 2010

hanging with aunt nancy

wild boar

a jelly fish

Mom and Uncl Joe went to Mexico this morning to pick up Uela. They made good time, and go there befor dark. they just texted me looks like they're coming back today (101 degrees in Paras)I'v spent the day with Aunt Nancy. We went golfing. The have a course righ next to the nuclear power plant (lol olson would love it). It was a nice little course thought. It's been so long since I've golfed, didn't do too well, but I was getting etter after a few holes. we only did 9 holes then went to the beach at Matagorda. It was beautiful there. there wer a few jellyfish washed up on shor that was cool. once my toms were filled with sand we went to a late lunch at this place by the river. Across the river there wr thes wild boars running around, i guss people feed them because they're fun to watch. they had a bunch of little babies. They were pretty cute.

After lunch w started driving back we saw a Russell's bait and tackel. (Russel is my dad's name and he loves fishing) So we got him a shirt and hat and took a picture. Now we're just haning out at the house.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rest stops of America

texas rest stop majestic

me and my mamma Texarkana, the rest stop is twice as nice

Texas! i'm keeping it from falling over
our arrival in Texasthe mighty mississippi illinois rest area

i lov the guy fishing
a rest stop in southern Illinois