Sunday, May 9, 2010

hanging with aunt nancy

wild boar

a jelly fish

Mom and Uncl Joe went to Mexico this morning to pick up Uela. They made good time, and go there befor dark. they just texted me looks like they're coming back today (101 degrees in Paras)I'v spent the day with Aunt Nancy. We went golfing. The have a course righ next to the nuclear power plant (lol olson would love it). It was a nice little course thought. It's been so long since I've golfed, didn't do too well, but I was getting etter after a few holes. we only did 9 holes then went to the beach at Matagorda. It was beautiful there. there wer a few jellyfish washed up on shor that was cool. once my toms were filled with sand we went to a late lunch at this place by the river. Across the river there wr thes wild boars running around, i guss people feed them because they're fun to watch. they had a bunch of little babies. They were pretty cute.

After lunch w started driving back we saw a Russell's bait and tackel. (Russel is my dad's name and he loves fishing) So we got him a shirt and hat and took a picture. Now we're just haning out at the house.

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