Thursday, May 6, 2010

Home for the night then OFF

Well I managed to pack all of my stuff into my little focus. Procrastinating until after my last final was not a wise decision. I was over an hour past my original checkout time. Earlier had an econ final, i think it went pretty well, anna and i did the test dance to eye of the tiger for the last time. I felt like i had my moving out skills more together last year. Turned out I left the wrench i needed to re-loft my bed in the pink drawers my mom took the weekend before. We had to search far and wide for something. Thank you clayton for your contribution which i'm sure u are unaware of. Well we got it lofted and eventually I did manage to leave Read for the last time as a resident. It was very sad. I only managed to sell back like 2 of my books, which was also sad. I'm really going to miss everyone in Bloomington over the summer, and living with anna.

anyhoo I hit the open road in my very disorganized and packed focus, later than expected. Got home, ate, watched a bit of baseball with dad. Then unpacked the car, and nothing ends a day of packing and unpacking like more packing. So i packed for the next two weeks.

Tomorrow, mom and I leave whenever it is that we wake up (mom wakes up early) and drive, probably stopping somewhere in arkansas. I'm up for a funfilled day of driving through flat land. YEEEAAAAHHHH! it'll be fun tho, mother daughter bonding time. The TEXAS, FAMILIA and whatnot. Can't wait to see everyone. I will try to keep this updated through the trip.
hasta maƱana

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