Sunday, May 23, 2010

hot springs arkansas

Mom and I decided in stead of traveling on my birthday we would spend the day in Hot springs arkansas. We had always driven by it on this trip and wanted to stop and we finally did. It was beautiful there. There are all these mountains with springs, where the water comes out at 140 degrees. It looks like a waterfall, but you can see the steam rising up. you can't even keep your hand in the water. there is this cute little touristy town around it with all kinds of little shops. They have these sink type things where you can fill up containers with the hot water. people come with milk jugs to take it home. The water is supposed to have healing powers. people like to bathe in it but since it comes out of the ground so hot you have to go to these bath house spa things where they cool the water down. lots of them happen to be closed on tuesdays, which seems like an odd day to be closed. We went to the one that was open and it was wonderful. It's a really great place to go if you get the chance.
arkansas welcome center
view from the top of the mountain
mom at the hot spring
kelln kanteen at the visitor's center/ bath house museum
me in the tub at the museum. they preserved the bath house to keep it how it was in the early 1900's. the one we went to was very similar to how it was back then. they put u in a (newer and cleaner) tub just like this but with a jet.
they have this too. the one on the left is a sits bath that u sit in. the other thing is a steamer where u stick your head out and they steam your body like in cartoons. it all sounds wierd but it was nice.
the spring, see the steam coming up

one of the hot fountains in the town

unfortunately i was captured by a gorilla

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