Friday, May 7, 2010

Illinois; the state that doesn't end

First day of driving in the journey to retrieve Uela. We left a little later than originally planned. I woke up this morning and opened my eyes heard thunder saw lots of rain and lightning out the window, and hear my mom say "i'm not driving in that" so i went back to sleep. woke up a little later, ate some bacon, packed up the truck and left. the weather cleared up and we left.
Illinois is a very long state, i felt like we were in Illinois forever. Very nice rest stops in Illinois, way better than Indiana. There was one by a lake, i saw some guy fishing. Lots of trees and woods, got out and walked a bit.
We waited to eat until we found something better, sought out a Culvers that we never found nd ended up doing the 2 for 20 deal at an empty Applebees in southern Illinois. Eventually we crossed the mighty Mississippi and into Missouri and eventually into Arkansas, which is where we are now, watching Dateline.

We'll be off to Uncle Joe and Aunt Nancy's in the morning.
I'll see if i can post the pictures from the rest area ( they were pretty, yes i took pictures)

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