Saturday, August 7, 2010

There better be a Telekabap in heaven

Our favorite place to hang out in Salamanca, isn't even Spanish. We go to La Passion Turca: Telekebap and Pizza pretty much every day. It is AMAZING! Kebap is like their fast food here. It's a pita pocket, with either lamb, chicken or falafel with a little salad and a sauce kinda like ranch and goat cheese. It comes wit hfries covered in the sauce. It very quickly got to the point where they knew our order. The staff is so nice, they're are best spanish friends (tho none of them are actually spanish). They have good pizza too. And they usually give us a free drink at the end since we're there so often. You'd think we'd be sick of it by now but it is awesome every time.

Last week we went out with the staff after close. It was fun but we were out really late, and the wierd turkish liquor we had (reminicant of orzo) did not mix well with thee rum drink I had later. Tho I was responsible in my little 6 week strip of legality, I didn't feel good the next day. It was still really fun, We'll prolly do it again now that exams are through. I'm gonna miss this place so much!

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