Monday, August 9, 2010

torro torro torro

So after all my time in spain Brooke and I felt we had to see a bull fight. I wasn't sure how I felt about it before, and I thought seeing it would clear it up for me. It was only 5 euros anyway. I still don't really know how i feel about bull fighting in general, but i'm glad I went it was interesting to see. I got to see the rare instance of a matador getting injured.
It was probably one of the weirdest things i've seen. First there was like a procession of all the bull fighters with drums and trumpets and the carriage, that was neat to see. Then they let the bull out first there are like minie matadors who get close to it and do the thing with pink capes. Then there's guys on horses who stab the bull with this lance. I felt bad for the horse. They werre armored and with the first bull the horse didn't even flinch when it got rammed, but the second bull was stronger and it wanter to leave. Then these guys come out with those spear things that look like acupuncture needles covered in pinata paper. And stab the bull and run. that was scarey. They everyone leaves and the matador comes out with the red cape and fights the bull for a but, then takes a sward and stabs it in a certain place in its back, where they have to like reach over the horns. Then it dies and they pull it off with this carriage.

The first bull went as normal, but the second bull was a lot stronger, bigger and smarter. The first parts were more difficult. Finally when the matador came out and tried to stab him. The second time he tried the bull knocked him down and trampled him. Bing a matador he got back up to try again, which he shouldn't have done. he tried again and the bull like threw him up between his horns, he looked like a rag doll. The he threw him down and like stomped on him and tried to stab him with his horns, which i couldn't see weather he did or not, i think there was at least a scrape. The other guys finally distracted the bull and carried the guy off into the infermery. It was pretty scarey. It took the second guy a bunch of tries to finally kill the bull. For a while we thought we were gonna see the bull win, which is very rare. Finally he got it. It dies quicker than the first one, but vomited blood. We had only a little bit of time left that we could have stayed before catching our bus anyway, so we just kinda looked at each other and said "we're done" And went to the bus.

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