Monday, August 2, 2010

PARIS!!!!!!!!! Day 1

Paris was amazing! By far the coolest plce i've ever been! i'm so glad I got to go. We got there thursday night, our hotel was really close to the Eiffel tower, so we went there first thing. It was amazing! I really wasn't expecting it to be that great, I knew I would like it! It was so beautiful, and huge! The next morning we got some crepes from this shop nearby from this very adorable old man.
We walked to the Notre Dame and bought our museum passes, which I would reccomend to anyone, it saved us a lot of money and told us good places to go we otherwise wouldn't have known about. Notre Dame was cool, It was neat to see the difference between it and all the spanish one's I've seen. There was a mas going on but it was still packed, and you could take pictures. We went to this Chappel, connected to a courhouse, which wouldn't have really been worth it withought the museum pass, it was under construction, i'm very glad we didn't have to wait in line. Next we went to the Conciergerie,which was really cool. It's this mideaval hall that wa converted into a prison during the reighn of terror where they held nobles before they beheaded them. Marie Antwanette was there, they had reconstucted cells and a chappel, it was really neat to see. We ate lunch, got a sandwich, and was very pleased to taste butter once again after so much time without it, and free tap water.
Next we went to the Museum de Orsay, which is less known but awesome, if your ever in paris and you like art its a must see. They have some very famous works, and it's a managable size, especially compared to the luve you can see them all. Lots of Van Gough's including the best known self portrait, lots of Great Monets and other really awesome impressionist works. Some older stuff, the really famous twin painings of the woman laying on the couch naked and clothed that's artist's name escape me,some cool statues, the ballerina with her hands behind her leaning back i've seen many copies of, just lots of really cool stuff. We liked it a lot.

We went to the top of The Eiffel that evening. Well not all the way to the top, the line was very long and we were high enough . It was kinda scarey because the elivator goes crooked and once your up there your out in the open air, but you could see the whole city. It was beautiful!
We went tout to dinner both nights. Lots of people say that the french are snobby or mean, and perhaps I might have thought that if I had just come from the US, but compared to Spain, they were really nice. In spain no one ever appreciates your buiesness, it's not a customer service provider relationship, its more liek your a neucence to them. I thought maybe it was because there are no tips, but in paris they actually took care of you. There was pepper on the table, free bread and water, refills on the water, the waitors were all pleasant and polite, the food was good, It was really nice.

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