Wednesday, July 28, 2010

La Alberca and the famous Pig

Well it ws before Paris but i haven't blogged on it yet. Last Wednsday

IU took us on a trip to La Alberca, a little village not too far from

here. We really enjoyed it.
One IU fed us, it was steak and fries cover in steak greese , so normal

for spain, but realy good. There was this awesome veggitable soup

before the main course tho I wish I had eaten more. '
We went on a tour through the little village it was really pretty.

Flowers outside all the windows and really old buildings. Houses with

inquisition symbols above the door to show the family had converted to

Christianity, in houses people live in now.

La Alberca has this tradtion with this pig, called the pig od San

Antone. Its kinda wierd but cool. Every June they let this pig run

loose in the streets and enjoy his pigness. Everyone in the town feeds

it. In January they traditionally give it to the poorest family in the

town, tho now they auction it off for charity. Apparently its very

rare for tourists to see it, but we did. Got a picture with him it was

pretty exciting! He was pretty smelly, and grose but he was still


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