Monday, July 19, 2010

Hello Muddah, hello Fadda, here i am in Granada

I really loved Granada. More so than Sevilla, i felt like it was a little more welcoming and less hot. Well only a little less hott. We got to see some cool stuff there. We saw the tomb of Fernando and Isabel, not the one they're actually buried in. They built it than changed their mind and decided to be buried in Madrid. I felt a little less creepy taking pictures of the tomb, you could go underneath and look at the coffins and stuff, they were empty tho, less creepy. We Saw the cathedral. They're very anti pictures in Granada. I took some anyway, but everywhere we went the first day I pictures were banned. most places its just silence and no flash, but here i guess they don't want tourists running around taking pictures of their religious landmarks. It was all white on the inside,and everything was gold it was pretty. The front of the chapel of the tomb of ferndo and Isable was very pretty at firs glance then u realize how moribitd it is. I feel like spanish catholisism has the most blood and gore out of all the forms of catholic. Maybe its related to the inquiasition, or Matamoros or something. In Latin America you always see Guadalupe or a Risen Jesus. Here the front on one side has John the Babtis being beheaded, head stump blood and all and on the other side Saint John the Evangalist being boiled alive. In general the cursifiction was more gorey. Im catholic and everything but this was a little too graphic for me.
Outside there was this guy writing people's names in Arabic and selling it. Mina got one but i didn't know what I would do with it. So he wrote it on my arm for free. He was really nice, not in a creepy way, which i feel like is rare. People thought it was a tatoo for the rest of the day lol. Mom wouldn't like it, but its gone now don't worry.
In the night I saw a really awesome Flamanco show. Ticket included transportation there and back, the show a tour of the historic area where the flamanco bar was and sangria. I thought it wa a pretty good deal. It was really really intense! It was a lot more rythimic than the one we saw in Salamanca. You could really tell the arabic influence in the sound. I'm very glad I didn't sit in the front row because they got splattered with sweat when the dancers turned. It was just amazing.
Afterwards we got a little tour of the area where the bar was, a historic neiborhood in Granada. It was pretty neat. All the houses were white and had painted pottery and flowers. It was at the top of the mountain and they took us to a spot where we could see a wonderful view of la Alambra all lit up at night. It was amazing, pictures can't capture it.

The next day we went to la Alamabra, which almost needsa post in itself. La Alambra was the last place the Mores were in spain. It is HUGE!. It has a palace, gardens, fountains, ruins, towers. You could spend several days just doing that. IT WAS AMAZING. I can't even describe some of it. There were ruins of where the soilders lived near the walls around it so they could get up and fight at any time, which i guess they needed to do, tho i supposed it didn't really help. We went up into the towers. Magnificant view of the city and the rest of la Alambra. There were lots of Gardens. Flowing water everywhere, like on the floor, you see in the pictures. Our guide said water was very sacred to the mores because where they come from there isn't a lot. IT was beautiful. The palace was like made of rocks it was so cool. There were lots of other places too. The sealings were so decorated, lots of very detailed geometric shapes. Painted tiles. Its one of the most amazing thigns i've ever seen!

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