Monday, July 19, 2010


Went on the Excursion to Sevilla and Granada this weekend. Fortunately this time no time was spent stranded in a Portuguese mall. Sevilla was really cool, yet really hot. It was scorching like the first week of classes in Salamanca. Fortunately the Hotel had air conditioning and I got to see something i had not yet seen in Spain, a drinking fountain, it was exciting. We got to go up into the top of the Cathedral, which was really cool. We could see the bells, and an amazing view of the city. The cathedral itself was neat, i personally liked the Salamanca one better in general. The cool part of this one was outside, it was built on the ruin of a moorish mosque. It still had the water channels and fountains, and some moorish stone work which was cool.

But this one had the tomb of Christopher Columbus which was really neat to see. Other places claim to have columbus, but his son is for sure in this one which is evidence to me that this is the real one. Im not sure if its morbit to take a picture of a tomb, but I don't think columbus would really mind. Plus they had actual relics at this church (relics being body parts of saints). I'm Catholic but something about body parts kinda freaks me out. Well it made me feel less morbid about photographing Columbus' apparant tomb.
After the tour we went off on our own and found the plaza de Espana which was really cool. We found some gardens we liked. Afterwards we were so hot, so we sat at a place with air and got smoothies, good decision. in the morning we checked out one of the palaces, i don't remember the name i'll look it up and edit it later. It was really cool

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