Sunday, July 4, 2010

Salamanca estoy aqui!

Well I made it to Salamanca in one piece. Turns out there's internet in the plaza mayor, it goes in and out but its closer than the university. It is so beautiful here. It's so different from everywhere at home, everything is so old. In a good way. all the buildings are old, but solid. there's a bridge that was built by the romans in the third century still in use. There's such a relaxed atmosphere here. Everything closes from 2 to for for a 4 couse lunch and a siesta. Yesterday everything was closed because Spain was playing in the world cup. We went to watch the game outside this department store called el corte ingles, close to where we live. They had a big screen set up with a tent serving food and drinks. I tried calimoche, a mixture of red wine and coke that i read about and it sounded really strange but it was actually really delicious. I was expecting it to be like cherry coke, but it wasn't at all. It's hard to describe but good. There were tons of people there dressed to the nines with their faces painted waving Spanish flags and blowing horns. Spain one everyone went crazy! It was really fun..
My host lady Conchi is really nice. Its just her and her niece who live in her apartment. Its much better than i expected. And I've been eating the food, which is a big deal for me. Yesterday I had a tortilla espanol. a potato cake thing. Today we had some kind of meat, i think it was some kind of ham, but it was good. lunch so far has always had soup, a salad and some fruit for dessert. yesterday we had tapas after the game today we're having our first dinner with our host. We toured the university today. it's really beautiful.

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